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A Google listing removed – how and why?

For some reason Robert Fechner of Fechner Legal in Berlin, Germany has had their Google business listing name changed from “Fechner Legal” to “XX.”, making it more difficult – but not impossible to review users genuine reviews. How this came about we don’t know, there is another listing albeit with one review.

If you were one of the 31 previous reviewers note that your reviews will not help others form their own opinion of Fechner Legal of Berlin. We’ve tried to correct the business name on Google maps and somehow it keeps reverting to “XX.” as opposed to it’s correct legal name, “Fechner Legal”.

You can suggest an edit yourself, just be aware that while it may be approved it will somehow revert back to XX. based on our edits. If you’re unable to get your edit published don’t forget to leave your own review if you feel the need to do so on the newer business profile.

You can also review all old reviews using this link.