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One of the best pieces of advice for copyright trolls…

We came across yet another recipient of Robert Fechner’s letters on and the contents are interesting. According to the final responder in the communication the first mistake people make is to actually respond to Fechner Legal. The claims Robert Fechner is making – in their bulk email type responses – are totally unjustified. They include no proof of actual damages or loss of earnings.

Have a look yourself and see what you think:

Interesting too that not once did the solicitors in that response ever hear of Robert Fechner actually take somebody to court. The problem is Robert Fechner is probably frightening & intimidating people into actually paying out when in reality he doesn’t really has a case that would be accepted in court.

So do what the solicitor from that link mentions – ignore Fechner Legal or call their bluff. If you’ve not used images commercially, if they can’t prove damages or loss of earnings or if their demands are unreasonable why bother wasting your time even responding.

Again – the link below: